Responsible Gaming

Gambling is a good way to spend leisure time, but too much of anything is not good. It’s the job of the developers to provide a responsible gambling experience for the gamblers. Considering how addicting gambling can be, we completely cooperate with the rules and regulations policies implemented worldwide to make the gambling experience responsible. Our aim is to provide customers a safe and enjoyable leisure time during gambling.

Responsible Gaming

Basic Provisions

Every gambler should understand the fact that betting on sports in 4raBet is not only a leisure activity to make your time more enjoyable and anticipating but now a way to earn money. At the same time, everyone should keep in mind that gambling can be dangerous and you should always have control over yourself and your money.

We at 4raBet understand the importance of responsible gambling. That’s why we try to incorporate global standards to keep the gamblers under their control. We do our best to help you, but without your cooperation, the result won’t be successful. So just keep gambling as a hobby rather than getting addicted to it and please keep in mind the following tips:

  • Failures are part of life, so if you lose some money, stay calm and get hold of your mind.
  • Please only play with your excess money such as pocket money, never ever risk your assets in playing gambling.
  • Understand the fact that gambling is not a way to make money but a way to have fun.
  • Keep on tab the money you spent and earned on gambling.

4rabet basic provisions

Warning about Addiction

Often it is too late before gamblers understand they have crossed the limit and become addicted to gambling as the margin is very small. It is true that most people abide by the law and consider gambling as leisure time fun, but there is also a minority of people who consider gambling for making money and get addicted to it. Even though the group is very small, we take this as a serious matter and helps people to be free from addiction by paying attention to the following points:

  • It is your personal choice to gamble rather than anyone’s suggestion.
  • Ask yourself the source of money you use for gambling.
  • How much money and time do you spend gambling.
  • Do you really know the rules of the game?
  • Always have a check on your feeling while you gamble.
  • Does gambling hurt you or your job in any ways?

4rabet addictions warning

Ability to block personal account

If your feeling that you are addicted to the game or gambling hurts you in any way, you can give a request to the company to break the contract with the company to close the agreement. However, one must consider the fact that when next time you contact to open an agreement the company can refuse to do so without explaining why.

These conditions also apply to the 4rabet app.

blocking account at 4rabet