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The must-watch IPL is among the most actively visited sports events in India. Obviously, Indian people adore cricket. The country has an exclusive economy rooted in this sport and has its teams in major Indian cities.

Annual IPL holds the leading position in average wages worldwide – $5.06 million (second after NBA) while in average attendance rating it is 5th – reaching 30,000 IPL spectators throughout the match. Back in 2010, the IPL turned into the forerunner sports event on the global level, broadcasted live on streaming platforms. The surprising fact is that IPL is only over 10 years old – its first event was introduced in 2008.

4raBet provides a great chance to wager on IPL 2022, then win some money. Our carefully prepared preview, dates, betting tips, precise points with fresh IPL data will keep you informed, so read on.

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What is IPL?

IPL stands for Indian Premier League – a prominent T20-format cricket-focused league. In line with the introduction in 2003 of Twenty20, the cricket sphere in India gradually started to grow in monetary terms.

The IPL-owned media rights subject to the 2018-2022-based agreement are worth $2.6 billion. This agreement is in the universal top 10. Regarding one season only, which is estimated at 510 million, it surpasses the NHL deal – 454 million worth and valid until 2024.

  • In line with BCCI, the season IPL 2015 is estimated at 11.5 billion pounds (160 million USD) in the Indian economy GDP.
  • Games typically last 3.5 hours, which is not too much for cricket, as, in a different form (one-day), events normally last at least 5-6 hours.
  • Overall, we can count twelve successful IPL seasons. The existing IPL title holders are the victors of the term 2019 – so-called Mumbai Indians.

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IPL 2022 NEW Schedule

The highly anticipated thing by the followers of IPL is the 2022 New Schedule. Loyal IPL spectators were upset by the fact that BCCI has extensively kept silent about it. They understand that the majority of the athletes of IPL 2022 are similarly participating in the CPL. So, a drift appears. Accordingly, BCCI made an official announcement that the novel Reschedule date of the next IPL 2022 has commenced for a novel period in September.

Nevertheless, the IPL 2022 Schedule is not yet agreed on which team members will join the IPL matches. Owing to the lockdown and the earlier September proceeds before the rescheduling, only a couple of them occurred in India. The competitions were later suspended, reliant on the pandemic spread, and they were transferred to the UAE, particularly Dubai.

IPL 2021 New Shedule

TopicIPL 2022
Conducting BodyBCCI
IPL 2022 Revised Date19 Sep. Postponed to 15th Oct.
TimingIST – 07:30 PM, 03:30 PM
Live Stream IPL-focused channelsHotstar + Disney
TV-broadcasted Star Sports – (SS1 HD, SS1, SS Select + SSS HD)
Host LocationUAE

Currently, there is much fuss linked to the forthcoming IPL 2022 bidding. Hence, there is plenty of uncertainty concerning the IPL 2022 New Schedule comprising the modified Dates. Well, our squad will introduce the novel facts, the altered dates, and specifics of impending IPL matches. Bettors will view the original IPL 2022 Schedule together with a first-hand IPL Team list.

IPL TV broadcast

IPL New Dates 2022

IPL 2022 was put off in May owing to a virus spread amongst our athletes. Today, the BCCI has carried out IPL 2022 renewal work. The cricket-focused IPL spectators are anticipating the program’s ensuing rearrangement. The initial game is prepared for 19 Sep. current year as reported.

The 31 IPL 2020 leftover events are programmed for the Sep-Oct period – in 3 weeks with 4 playoffs, 7 so-called single headers plus 10 doubleheaders, to hasten the progress for the impending T20 ICC WC.

Analyze the renewed IPL 2022 schedule showing the points, programs, novel dates, plus stadiums.

IPL Dates 2021

Match #Revised DatePlayersTime
Venue – IPL 2022
M1Sep 19· MI – CSK7:30Dubai stadiums, UAE
M2Sep 20· KKR – RCB7:30Abu Dhabi
M3Sep 21· PK – RR7:30Dubai
M4Sep 22· DC – SRH7:30Dubai
M5Sep 23· MI – KKR7:30Abu Dhabi
M6Sep 24· RCB – CSK7:30Sharjah
M7Sep 25· DC – RR3:30Abu Dhabi
M8Sep 25· SRH – PK7:30Sharjah
M9Sep 26· CSK – KKR3:30Abu Dhabi
M10Sep 26· RCB – MI7:30Dubai
M11Sep 27· SRH – RR7:30Dubai
M12Sep 28· KKR – DC3:30Sharjah
M13Sep 28· MI – PK7:30Abu Dhabi
M14Sep 29· RR – RCB7:30Dubai
M15Sep 30· SRH – CSK7:30Sharjah
M16Oct 1· KKR – PK7:30Dubai
M17Oct 2· MI – DC3:30Sharjah
M18Oct 2· RR – CSK7:30Abu Dhabi
M19Oct 3· RCB – PK3:30Sharjah
M20Oct 3· KKR – SRH7:30Dubai
M21Oct 4· DC – CSK7:30Dubai
M22Oct 5· RR – MI7:30Sharjah
M23Oct 6· RCB – SRH7:30Abu Dhabi
M24Oct 7· CSK – PK3:30Dubai
M25Oct 7· KKR – RR7:30Sharjah
M26Oct 8· SRH – MI3:30Abu Dhabi
M27Oct 8· RCB – DC7:30Dubai
M28Oct 10· Qual.#17:30Dubai
M29Oct 11· Eliminator7:30Sharjah
M30Oct 13· Qual.#27:30Sharjah
M31Oct 15· The Final7:30Dubai

The details posted in the table that follows were shared earlier than Reschedule IPL 2022 at local stadiums. The webpage contains teams and previous dates of various matches.

M1MI – RCBApr 9M31SRH – MIMay 4
M2CSK – DCApr 10M32RR – CSKMay 5
M3SRH – KKRApr 11M33RCB – PKMay 6
M4RR – PKApr 12M34SRH – CSKMay 7
M5KKR – MIApr 13M35KKR – DCMay 8
M6SRH – RCBApr 14M36RR – MIMay 8
M7RR – DCApr 15M37CSK – PKMay 9
M8PK – CSKApr 16M38RCB – SRHMay 9
M9MI – SRHApr 17M39MI – KKRMay 10
M10RCB – KKRApr 18M40DC – RRMay 11
M11DC – PKApr 18M41CSK – KKRMay 12
M12CSK – RRApr 19M42MI – PKMay 13
M13DC – MIApr 20M43SRH – RRMay 13
M14PK – SRHApr 21M44RCB – DCMay 14
M15KKR – CSKApr 21M45KKR – PKMay 15
M16RCB – RRApr 22M46RR – RCBMay 16
M17PK – MIApr 23M47CSK – MIMay 16
M18RR – KKRApr 24M48DC – SRHMay 17
M19CSK – RCBApr 25M49KKR – RRMay 18
M20SRH – DCApr 25M50SRH – PKMay 19
M21PK – KKRApr 26M51RCB – MIMay 20
M22DC – RCBApr 27M52KKR – SRHMay 21
M23CSK – SRHApr 28M53DC – CSKMay 21
M24MI – RRApr 29M54PK – RRMay 22
M25DC – KKRApr 29M55MI – DCMay 23
M26PK – RCBApr 30M56RCB – CSKMay 23
M27MI – CSKMay 1M57Qual.#1May 25
M28RR – SRHMay 2M58EliminatorMay 26
M29PK – DCMay 2M59Qual.#2May 28
M30KKR – RCBMay 3M60FinalMay 30

If you missed the important data, it is recommended to subscribe and receive details related to stadiums, exact points, and impending dates.

IPL Point Table 2022

The popular 8 Indian teams of IPL 2022 :


The precise 2022 IPL Point Table:

TeamsPlacedLostWonScoreNet RR

The previous matches left behind will come about in UAE, at Dubai stadiums. Note that this table comprising Points will once more be reworked once the events are over.

Top 8 Indian teams of IPL

How to Bet on IPL at 4raBet?

As a beginner, you should know some things about betting on IPL. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for you to easily get going with your 4raBet wagering journey:

  1. Register. Fill in your basic private details.
  2. Permit: Complete the authorization process via the app or browser version. Enter the specifics like phone number and address.
  3. Make an initial deposit. 4raBet offers a multiplicity of deposit options and allows using Indian Rupees.
  4. Place a wager. Pick a preferred match, the bet slip, the odds, and finally, place your first bet.

The Odds are flexible here, so if fluctuations occur while placing a bet, you will pick odds again. Adding more than one selection to your wager slip requires indicating which bet you select. The venue provides favorable wagering rates for IPL. Moreover, 4raBet, unlike the common 100% greeting bonus, rewards up to 200% on the player’s primary deposit. Any amount around ₹5,500 will bring the full 200 % reward.

Betting on IPL at 4raBet

4raBet IPL betting

In the wagering lines of 4raBet, favored betting covers a huge variety of bets. They are known as both central with additional cricket game outcomes. Since this is a prestigious tournament, bookmakers may provide you with rather unusual wagers. For instance, which team is likely to win a toss? This bet involves choosing who, in your opinion, can get into the playoffs. As for online IPL wagering, it offers the alternatives described below:

Wagering IPL lines of 4raBet

Handicap Betting

A handicap is a number that is added to the result of a team or athlete at a certain interval. For example, goals, pucks, points, games, yellow cards, corners, sets, fouls and so on.

Based on the chosen type of the game, the punter usually can be requested to play a so-called handicap amid teams concurrently in 2 positions. For instance, the total or the wickets’ indicator that was knocked down. The overall indicator of runs is denoted by the score gained by the players in the course of the event. Other sportsbooks can either do without this kind of in-line type offer or just provide such rates independently from one another.

A handicap bet at 4rabet

Total wagers

On the site, the sportsbook offers may vary. The most typical wagers are on the separate squads’ scores. In its line of cricket betting, likewise, you may find some options for every team’s specific points indicator, plus the overall amount of items that a team is likely to score in the event prior to the initially destroyed wicket occurs. While wagering on totals, be sure to analyze the event’s scheme since this is essential for counting the overall indicator of runs.

Total wager at 4rabet

Special wagers

These types of wagers are considered common ones and include events like Best Partnership, Draw Winner, Best Bowler, Man of the Match, with Best Batsman.

Users can place a collection of wagers on 4raBet using its user-friendly app. Find details about the app below.

Special wager at 4rabet

Additional wagers

These cover all the offers, not covered by the bookie’s baseline. For example, in the side bets, one can place a wager on either lower or else more increased values in the match handicaps or totals, the odds with the precise score, or else the present match’s capacity. The mentioned options can be called random as any kind of factor doesn’t affect them. It is likewise hard to discover any scheme at this kind of rate.

Additional wagers at 4rabet

IPL 4raBet Betting App

Focusing on big wins at 4raBet in the new IPL season, we developed an easily manageable mobile betting application and PC software for users to conduct hassle-free operations in Indian rupees.

The 4raBet app features IPL betting and covers plenty of cricket wagering options. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows OS. iOS owners can install it from the Apple Store, while Android holders can get the installation package on the webpage.

To start wagering on the app:

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  • To wager on either live or pre-match events, just click the “Bet Live” button to pick a sporting event or tap the “Line” button to choose a match, which has not started yet.
  • There is a platform with online streaming developed for live cricket. You may view IPL cricket on stadiums via the browser or betting mobile application.

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A great number of foreign bettors will be engaged in other events. So, how will punters participate in the IPL?

BCCI is on speaking terms with some international boards. The moment the new details are broadcasted publicly, they will be immediately posted on the IPL webpage.

Will the league be supported by Vivo?

Yes, definitely, Vivo will be its promoter.

Where is Phase 2 IPL planned to be broadcasted?

It is planned to be broadcasted on Hotstar App or the network named Start Sports.