General Terms and Conditions

4raBet is a popular betting service in India that provides great offerings and a perfect wagering experience. However, for each punter, it’s vital to constantly catch up with the latest news and changes. Besides, it’s highly recommended to keep track of the standard rules and conditions of the gambling portal.

By registering at the our official site (from now on, the platform), the punter accepts all the terms of it. This agreement is considered a legally binding document that regulates the use of services and software on an ongoing basis. The document is tied between the client and the platform.

General Terms and Conditions

Introduction Part

The platform gives the user access to the software and the useful features provided on its site. When circumstances so require, the platform may modify, suspend, remove, and add some upgrading. In fact, the platform can do this even without first notifying its punters and has no responsibility for users’ losses if any changes are made.

The platform can also prohibit the signing-up or even usage of several accounts if there are some compelling reasons. It is not responsible for preventing multiple registrations of the clients’ accounts. Nevertheless, the platform can charge money from such gaming accounts, in spite of the credentials provided when creating such accounts.

These conditions also apply to the 4rabet app.

About the Plaform of 4rabet

Here, the punter is not entitled to use someone else’s accounts to have access to the platform software. Plus, the platform administration may officially close the accounts and get money back from the accounts in case the user has more than one profile. The platform imposes a seizure on all the punter’s gaming funds and also restricts access to the service in the nearest future. All this happens completely legally.

We hold a Curacao license. It follows from this that all terms are regulated and construed exclusively by this legislation. Its clients are unconditionally subject to the exclusive right of the jurisdiction of this state to resolve disputes arising during account creation, the legality of the services, legal relationship, and conditions established by the web page.

4raBet Curacao license

The Main Website Conditions

A bet is understood as a kind of written agreement concerning the winnings of the wager. It is made between the platform and the punter, referring to the established rules, which can be seen on the website. Users cannot bet on the same outcome of an event more than once in a row since, in the event of such an outcome, all bets will be quickly refunded. Bets are typically accepted only on conditions that are defined by the chosen bookmaker’s office.

The platform’s customers are gamblers who place bets on the chosen outcome of the event. It can be done both for one competition and for numerous events at once. In this scenario, the general match time is the competition time in accordance with the rules of the match for the particular sport, along with the added time. However, this does not work with such techniques as penalty shootouts and overtime.

Conditions of 4rabet site

A line in online betting is a list of competitions, their possible outcomes, odds, the exact date and time of matches, after which the platform ceases to accept punters’ bets on a specific outcome of these events. The processing center constantly provides data. All bets are placed on their basis. An online bet is characterized as winning if all the outcomes shown here are predicted correctly.

In case the wager is canceled for any cause, then, accordingly, there is no calculation and payment. If the bet is not active, according to the terms of a specific agreement the transaction between the bookmaker and the player is lost, and an official refund is issued at the bet.

The main conditions for accepting wagers determined by the platform earlier can be changed immediately after placing any bet. However, the conditions of previously placed bets will not change. Prior to concluding the agreement, the user needs to clarify the possible changes of the line on the official site.

4rabet betting line

Whilst calculating the winnings for a bet, it is customary to check its complete correctness. If the punter disagrees with something, then they need to contact the support service as soon as possible. All data may be viewed on the website. In this case, users are highly recommended to indicate the date, time, and personal account number, name of the chosen event, the sum of money, the outcome of the event, the odds and important causes to disagreement on the winnings received.

Punters have ten days to withdraw their claims. The claim has to be accompanied by a list of papers that confirm the active requirements.

The platform can at any time close the game account of the user of the service and then cancel all wagers placed on the web page. This can happen if the administration became aware that the punter had certain information concerning the outcome of the event at the time of placing the wager. In such a situation, the site’s administration may not even give any evidence and arguments.

contacting 4rabet support

Legal Requirements

Online gaming may be illegal in several jurisdictions, and it’s normal. Accordingly, punters must be positive that the platform cannot provide them with legal recommendations and guarantees. Before directly signing up with a chosen betting platform, users should familiarize themselves with all relevant legislation of the particular jurisdiction.

The platform services have access to persons who are not prohibited from gambling online. In this way, customers ensure that their use of the software and services goes along with applicable government laws and regulations. The platform does not bear official responsibility for the unauthorized use of betting services and website software by users.

Users from restricted countries have access blocked. The platform has the right to make any changes to the list of countries in which the use of its services is prohibited.

4rabet legality in India

Acceptance of the Bookmaker’s Terms

If the punter does not appreciate any of the provisions of the User Agreement, they have to cease using the Software and delete the Software from their device. The platform has the right to supplement, correct, update, and edit all the terms and conditions of the User Agreement, notifying its customers about the changes, publishing the timely version of the User Agreement on the corresponding page of the official sites of all possible brands.

In this case, the revised version of this Agreement shall enter into force exactly two weeks after it is published on the official website. If the punter decides to continue using the services or software after these 14 days, then this will be deemed as acceptance of the changes. They need to familiarize themselves with the proper, active terms and conditions of this agreement.

Acceptance of 4rabet Terms

Permitted Participation

Individuals under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to use the service. The platform is entirely free to validate the authenticity of the credentials:

  • Full name;
  • Real age;
  • Address;
  • Payment methods, and so on.

The platform has the official right to request the necessary documents for this check. The duration of document verification varies from 24 to 72 hours. So, if the user refuses to provide supporting documents, the platform can close the profile and withhold all funds.

4rabet personal information input field

The administration also has the right to review the personal data of users, and request all the key papers confirming the identity of customers, and check their creditworthiness. At the same time, site employees may not inform gamblers about such actions. If the result of the check raises some doubts among the site administration, the platform can immediately close the account and keep all the money on it.

Employees can’t use the services during their work. This limitation works with the following relatives of platform managers, including:

  • Wife/husband;
  • Children and parents;
  • Partners;
  • Siblings.

4rabet is Requesting Indian passport

Responsible Gaming Rules

The platform offers only responsible gambling to its clients, such as slots, the Aviator game in India and other. The administration considers it its direct responsibility to protect users from excessive playfulness and to prevent minors from participating in gambling.

We support and share the Responsible Gaming Policy with its users and do everything that is possible to guarantee that customers enjoy a safe and fun game without losing control.

All punters must pay attention to the fact that the key task of the casino is long-term and honest cooperation of the project with a responsible adult client. Licensed slot machines allow their users to:

  • Experience great gambling experience;
  • While losing, users should not immediately try to recoup, as next time there is always a good chance to win;
  • Feel a real surge of inspiration;
  • Try their luck;
  • Keep a close eye on the time and amount of money they spend on the game;

Enjoy winnings, games, generous bonuses, prizes.

Rules of responsible gaming at 4rabet

More About Players’ Account

Each user account is created for personal use only. It mustn’t be used for business or even professional goals. The portal doesn’t bear any personal responsibility for any access to the account by unauthorized users. Accordingly, the platform is not in charge of any damage caused to the punter due to the incorrect use of the password by any punter for unauthorized access to the profile.

The administration always notifies its punters through the contacts that they left during registration, and only then the money can be debited from the inactive account.

4rabet personal account

Client Game Balance

The punter’s balance is the personal profile of the registered user. Study the types of balances with the help of the table below:


Client’s money that they use to place wagers.

Money that a punter uses to bet from bonus accounts. However, there is a separate balance for all individual bonuses, which is deactivated upon cancellation of a special offer, successful wagering, or violation of wagering conditions.

Game balance on 4rabet

Wagering Requirements

To withdraw any money, players must fulfill several bet conditions, as well as the terms specified when creating the bonus. It should be borne in mind that despite the type of promotion, the rate is created solely based on principles of fair play.

To obtain the bonus, the user undertakes to place a wager in the game, whose size exceeds the size of the bonus by a certain number of times established by the rules of a particular promotion. When a punter would like to know the final amount of a bet, they should make a simple calculation, that is, multiply the amount of the bonus incentive by the amount of the bet.

The percentage of the wagering requirement is closely related to the platform. It varies based on the gaming service it provides. The bonus is executed if the total bets and wager are zero. The administration can cancel all the user’s winnings if the bonus is not used as stated in the general conditions.

Wagering Requirements at 4rabet

Changes to Conditions

For legal, commercial, and for reasons closely associated with customer service, the administration has the full right to amend the Agreement. Moreover, its actual scores and effective dates can be seen on the web page of the platform at any given time. All the necessary and essential data is always available for free.

4rabet conditions

Restricted Countries

Citizens of the countries mentioned below cannot register, make any financial operations, and get the special offers and promotions:

  • Great Britain;
  • The USA;
  • Russia;
  • Sweden;
  • Canada;
  • Norway;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Ireland, and more.

Restricted Countries by 4rabet