4raBet Bonuses for Newcomers

The set of 4raBet bonuses is quite large. The most requested ones gifted by this Indian betting company seem to be the welcome bonuses. The bonus offer is provided for sports as well as for casinos.

As for sports bets, any newly registered player can get a reward of 200% after the first top-up on a personal account. Mind that there’s a code EXTRABONUS which you can enter to get the additional bonus money.

Likewise, you can automatically activate your 200% casino welcome bonus or 200% betting welcome bonus for receiving your first reward by choosing this offer when you get registered on the 4raBet betting company.

4rabet Bonuses

Get an EXCLUSIVE sign-up 230% bonus up to ₹23,000 with promo code “EXTRABONUS”.

There is also a promotion of up to ₹35,000 for clients using the PayTM system. Other offers that can be obtained are from ₹10 to ₹30,000 as Winning Cases and bonus referral codes which can be looked up in the Telegram group.

200% deposit bonus for sports

The welcome bonus was created specifically for the first-timers and is accessible and valid only once. 4raBet deposit bonus is in Indian rupees and can be up to ₹20,000. This promotion implies that you can get a 200% reward for a FIRST deposit. The wagering terms of the bonus offers have to be met.

Obtaining the welcome bonus is easy and takes just a few minutes of interacting with your phone or computer as the bookie platform was adjusted for both.

Also, all bonuses are available in the 4rabet mobile app.

200% Sports Welcome Bonus

Getting 200% Welcome Bonus for Sports

The minimum deposit for receiving this 4raBet promotion is ₹100 and here’s how you can get it:

  1. Get registered on the 4raBet website choosing the betting bonus.
  2. Make your first deposit.
  3. Either get your bonus activated automatically or create a request at our live chat.
  4. Start playing and obtaining the prizes with the help of your bonus.

Welcome bonus for sports at 4rabet

Rules Applied to 200% Welcome Bonus for Sports

200% deposit bonus for casino

Another constituent of welcome 4raBet bonus offers is a 200% casino welcome bonus offer. This promotion goes up to ₹24,000 and has to be chosen once a player gets registered. On the sidebar of the registration tab, you’ll get the options for choosing your first-time rewards and you can choose sports bets or casino bonus offers.

Bonus For Casino

Getting 200% Welcome Bonus for Casino

The procedure consists of three simple stages:

  1. A new user registers at the 4raBet platform choosing the casino’s bonus.
  2. The player makes a FIRST deposit.
  3. The bonus gets automatically activated or the gambler can make a request for the gift at 4raBet live chat and start gambling.

How to see Bonuses on 4rabet

Rules for 200% Welcome Bonus for Casino

Welcome 4raBet bonus for the casino is enabled exclusively for slot machines and doesn’t work for other casino games. It is solely for the new clients who have just created their accounts and can be used just once since the first deposit has been done.

Bonus Balance

Every registered player has his/her personal account called the user’s balance. It’s classified into the user’s real balance and bonus balance. The first one denotes the sum of funds utilized by the client for making bets.

Bonus balance is the number of user’s finances for placing bets using it.

Every bonus account corresponds to each particular 4raBet bonus. Once the bonus is canceled or a client has succeeded in wagering or violated its rules, the balance is deactivated.

To claim the bonuses and withdraw the cash, the user needs to follow wagering terms. The amount of player’s bets needs to surpass one of the bonus promotions by a specific number. You can count the sum of the final wagering by multiplying your bonus gift by the required wager.

4rabet Bonus Balance

General bonus rules at 4raBet

RulesDescription of the Rules
Rule 1Members can be granted different types of gifts including promotional offers that give a certain amount of reward considering the deposits and also free spins.
Rule 2Promotion misusage is regarded to be a fraud and can lead to bonuses or even a user’s account termination. According to 4raBet bonus regulations, any promotions granted to the player can be taken away by 4raBet administration at any point.
Rule 3Every gambler has real and bonus balances at his/her disposal and is free to pick whether to use them or not. The 4raBet platform also allows promo codes to get promotions activated when the newcomer gets registered and types in the given promo code. The player cannot utilize other welcome bonuses offered if he/she inserted the promo code.
Rule 4Given that the gamblers make use of this promotion, they are viewed as the ones who agreed to the wagering requirements.
Rule 54raBet bonuses have an expiration date, and the client is notified about it. As soon as the given expiration time comes and a player fails to implement the bonus it becomes invalid. The same happens if a gambler decides not to use the gift. If the real user’s balance comes to zero, the bonus account is still active and can expire only according to the conditions composed by the 4raBet administration.
Rule 6Concerning wagering terms that are supposed to be followed by the gamblers, the withdrawals of the winnings are possible from the real account only when a user places a wager. The promotion will expire in a case when the player withdraws the money from the real balance before he/she wagered the bonus.
Rule 7Mind that the sums at the bonus balance are not allowed to be withdrawn as promotion money is moved to the real balance if the player has made a successful wager.

Why is it important to wager winning funds?

Wagering the winning funds is important since by matching the wagering terms, a member can convert bonus funds into actual money.

The promotion rewards are kept in a bonus balance separately from the main balance and they have certain conditions on wagers that should be followed. This money is not the cash that you get as payouts; it can’t be withdrawn but can be wagered.

If you’ve met all the wagering terms when utilizing the 4raBet bonus you have the possibility of getting the prize from your real balance. If you don’t wager your winnings or miss the conditions your bonus will be lost.

Why Wagering is important

Other bonuses at 4raBet

In addition to the mentioned bonuses, the 4raBet bonus program offers more appealing promotions for its users. All the possible rewards are available for you to use and get larger prizes in case you actively use the 4raBet website. All bonuses from 4rabet are also available when playing Aviator.

Promo code

4raBet offers its users the promo code that is supposed to be entered at the registration stage. The process of applying the bonus promo code consists of the next steps:

  1. Visit 4raBet and click the button to register.
  2. Fill in your email, create a secure password and type the deeded details.
  3. Type in promo code EXTRABONUS before the completion of registering for obtaining the bonus of +230% in addition to the first 4raBet deposit bonus or free bets.
  4. Top up the balance and receive the promotion.

4rabet promo code

PayTM service

Utilizing the PayTM service is beneficial for 4raBet clients in the way that the platform offers its users to receive added cash on the deposit executed via PayTM. This sum reaches ₹35,000, and to utilize this possibility, you’ve got to have a PayTM card. To claim the bonus offer, deposit a certain amount of money to the main balance at 4raBet.

PayTm Service

Winning Cases

Concerning the Winning Case 4raBet platform offers you, it should be mentioned that your prize gets significantly larger if you use actual money for virtual boxing. Draws are carried out regularly and assist 4raBet website users in participating and getting prizes.

Bonus Cases


The latest news and updates on 4raBet bookmaker offers are regularly posted in the Telegram chat. You can find out about many interesting and beneficial promotions in this chat since this is managed by the 4raBet team and all the information conforms to the 4raBet platform. If you want to stay informed about all the possibilities and 4raBet offers join this Telegram chat.

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