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Impact Player Rules

This year, the BCCI has unveiled a list of updated rules that will change the history of the IPL and are fundamentally different from previous seasons.

updated Impact Player Rules in 2023

What are impact rules?

  • This year the Impact player must be only a player from India and in the Playing XI, it is necessary that there were at least 4 foreign players.
  • If a foreign player is registered on the team list and is part of the substitutes, then he has the right to play the role of an Impact player.
  • If a foreigner was placed as a striker in a match, then up to 4 foreigners can take part in the game in total.
  • The team captain must appoint the impact player.
  • If a player has been replaced, he cannot take part in the rest of the game and cannot be on the list of substitutes.
  • The captain cannot be an Impact Player.
  • Both teams can only use one striker.
  • In case of injury, the player cannot continue the game and an Impact Player is assigned instead.
  • A substitute fielder may enter the game in the middle of a match in case of an injury of an Impact player.
  • A substitute cannot serve the ball or be the captain.
  • Penalty time will be given to a player outside the scope of substitution under the terms of the game.
About Impact Player Rules

Team Impact Rules

  • The number of substitute players in each team must be no more than 4, taking into account the playing XI.
  • All changes in the teams, including the list of substitutes, must be announced before the start of the first match.
  • Any of the three substitutes may be called up to replace a Playing XI player.
  • The striker can now both serve and hit the ball. That is, according to the new rules, a bowler can be both a batter and a universal player. This rule will be valid until the 14th over-inning.
  • In the event that a player retires due to an injury, the striker may only be introduced at the end of the current over and is entitled to bet. Only 11 players can bet in any situation.

The cardinal change was the versatility of the players. Previously, only the batsman could replace the batsman, and only the bowler could bowl. Now the players of these categories will become interchangeable.

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IPL Team Impact Rules